Grooming Report

Friday, December 30, 2016

Jake and the Kids (apologies to W.O. Mitchell)

There were 14 skiers out today in -11C weather with sunny skies.  The Skate Track had a classic track around it and that is where most people skied.  Some hardy souls skied around the 7 km Meadow Loop even though it was in various stages of being groomed.  There was 35 cm of new snow since the last grooming before Xmas.  The heavy snow caused overflow conditions which created some challenges for the groomers.  It was fortunate that David was there with his sled to pack the trails and not get stuck.  The Skate Track is tracked, the 7 km Meadow Loop is leveled but not tracked and the rest of the Meadow Loop is only snowmobile packed.  The Old Highway and Pedersen trails have 35 cm of new snow on them and are not groomed.  I plan to track the Meadow Loop Sunday morning when all the overflow areas should be frozen.

Nice Yellow Ski Boots,

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