Grooming Report

Friday, November 4, 2016

Not Yet Touched by Skiis

This is the scene at the Old Highway Trail this morning.  It is groomed for Nordic and Skate Skiing.   I did not ski so the title of "First Skier of the Season" is still to be claimed.  The temperature was -1C at 7 am and 7C by noon.  Snow is in the forecast for tonight and the temperatures in the afternoon on Saturday are predicted to be above zero.  Sunday temperatures will be cooler which means ideal skiing then.  Your choice.

The Season Begins,


  1. Wow! November 4th. Awesome and appreciated!

  2. Yahooooo we'll be there on Sunday!! Thanks from the 5 of us at the end of Hammer road

  3. Been wondering - it's hard to see without the web cam up there working. So, THANKS, from two eager regulars nearby! Now, were did we store all that equipment??