Grooming Report

Sunday, November 6, 2016

Eric's First Day

Eric gives a thumbs up to the first day of skiing at East Branch.  Approximately 10 warm bodies, excluding the Fox and Fisher I saw, were on the trails today.   There is more snow in the forecast for the upcoming week so we should have a good ski season.

Time for Winter Sports,


  1. Michel, Mary and I had a wonderful sunny first ski although a bit fast on the downhills with no padding to break a possible fall thanks L

  2. Great to hear that the regulars were out. More snow is forecast which should help with soft landings.

  3. Watching the blog hoping for snow !! Wish that camera at the top of the hill would be fixed so we could see what is going on up there!

  4. The forecast snow did not happen and instead, we got a lot of rain on the ski trails. It is not ski-able as of today.