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Thursday, January 7, 2016

To Ski or Not to Ski

"To Ski or Not to Ski?  That is the question."  Follow the tweets and links on the side of the blog for the answer.

When were the Trails last tracked? - Look at the Tweets 

What are the present weather conditions? - Click on Bella Coola 7 day weather and Puntzi 7 day weather.  Click on the Heckman Wx to see temperature and amount of precipitation (Station is at the top of the 3rd switchback.)  Scratch your head and guess what the weather will be like at the Ski Trails

Is snow forecast at the top of the hill?  Click on Snow-Heckman.  Look at Hour by Hour and then click on Long Term to see how much snow is predicted and what temperatures will be like for the next 9 days.

Has it snowed at the top of the hill in the last 24 hours?  Click on Web Cam - Heckman and look at the picture.  Click on replay the day and watch the past 24 hours of pictures to see if it snowed and how much? 

This above all: Go skiing,

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