Grooming Report

Saturday, January 9, 2016

Skate Ski

The El Presidente of the Tweedsmuir Ski club spent the day grooming the trails into the Cabin and Ski Hill with the Piston Bully as well as making sure 3 helpers assisted him in replenishing the wood supply at the Overnight Cabin but the most important thing he did was groom a skate ski lane on the Old Highway Trail.  It was tested out by the fastest man on skis from the Gultch and found to be excellent.  You can see his tracks in the photograph which was taken at the East Branch end of the trail.  It will set up overnight and should be really good for those skate skiers who have been requesting skate skiing opportunities.  Janice, being in Mexico is not a good enough excuse for not trying it out.

The other trails are still good.  There were 3 skiers out today skiing the Meadow Loop Trail.

Skate Away,

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