Grooming Report

Saturday, November 14, 2015

Skiers Are Tough At East Branch

This was the only skier up today but he was a tough one and skied in his shorts.  It was only -3C at the time - not like in the morning when it was -8C.

The Old Highway trail is tracked.  We have slowly been breaking out other trails but they still require more work.  There has been 18 inches of snow that accumulated since Wednesday.  The highway gauge reads 2 feet which includes snow that has settled.

There is more snow forecast for Monday and Tuesday so Sunday is the day to put your skis on.

Tougher than the rest,


  1. Unfortunately we had to go to Williams Lake on Sunday, but noticed the ski parking lot was full when we passed by at noon. Track looked great, with lovely bright sunshine. We were envious. We're back now, and saw there's quite a bit of new snow in the pass tonight (Monday). So should be a good week to get skis out of storage finally, and head back up. Thanks for prepping the trail! dok&kt